Supporting Clinical Research for Regulatory Approval of Psychedelic Medicines to Treat Alcohol Use Disorder and Other Addictions

Psilocybin for AUD Clinical Trial

B.More recently received the go-ahead from the FDA to begin our Phase 2b Clinical Trial treating AUD participants with psilocybin. The results recently published by our Lead Investigator, Dr. Michael Bogenschutz at the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine make his site the most logical Lead Clinical Site for our study.

NYU has a participant interest survey you are welcome to fill out if you are local to their site: Interest Survey

The Phase 2b Study will have a total of 226 enrolled participants at about 15 different clinical sites in the US only. Eligible participants will be diagnosed with moderate to severe AUD. As other sites provide enrollment questionnaires, we will add those links to this page. Right now, we have additional sites in the following states:

⦁ Alabama
⦁ California
⦁ Connecticut
⦁ Florida
⦁ Maryland
⦁ Massachusetts
⦁ New Jersey
⦁ New Mexico
⦁ South Carolina
⦁ Utah
⦁ Wisconsin

For those participants who do not live in any of the states where our study is located, you should look at the clinical trials website. Here you can search all studies recruiting participants for many different conditions. This also includes global studies. Thank you participants, for your patience as we work to bring you more information!

The B.More Clinical Team

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