Funding Psilocybin:
Making Recovery a Reality

B.More, a non-profit lifescience company, backing clinical research for regulatory approval of psychedelic medicines to treat Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and other addictions

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Alcoholism Destroys Lives

  • 16 million people per year in the US alone cope with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)/Alcoholism
  • 2.8 million people worldwide seek treatment for alcoholism each year
  • 70% of individuals with AUD relapse to heavy drinking within their first year of attempting sobriety
  • 88,000 deaths per year in the US are AUD-attributed
  • Current treatments do not provide adequate results
  • The fallout affects employment, relationships, and creates a social burden

B.More is blazing the path for regulatory approval of psychedelic medicines to treat alcohol use disorder

We are committed to finding better solutions for treating alcoholism and other addictions to help those who have found little success with more traditional programs.

Our research, along with Usona and clinical trials at NYU, aims to support the FDA approval of psilocybin as a prescription medication.

We Aspire To:

heavy drinking days

Improve alcohol abstinence

long-lasting effect

Offer benefits over existing treatments

Transforming Psychedelic Research Into
Cutting-Edge Medicine

Proof of Concept

The initial pilot study on AUD at the University of New Mexico produced statistically significant results with promising effect sizes.

Understand the Efficacy

A 2021 Meta-Analysis of the six best-controlled trials found that patients who underwent psychedelic therapy were 59% more likely to be alcohol abstinent at follow-up.

Large Scale
Clinical Trials

NYU School of Medicine is nearing the completion of a larger-scale study that will provide much valuable information regarding the safety and efficacy of psilocybin to treat AUD.


Innovators in psychedelic drug development

A pioneering philanthropic funder of psychedelic research at some of the world’s leading medical schools, B. More co-founder and CEO, Carey  Turnbull, has built a team that is leveraging decades of expertise in every aspect of pharmaceutical development and commercialization.  We are leading the charge to ensure that the game-changing promise of our clinical research program becomes a reality for those in need of better treatment options.

How We Are Bringing This Effective
Treatment to Market

ID Opportunity

1. Identify The Opportunity

Psilocybin treatment for AUD and other forms of Substance Use Disorder represents an opportunity to address a massive source of human suffering. In 2019, 1.5 million individuals, in the US, sought treatment, with 70% relapsing within the first year.*

2. Conduct Research

Following a successful pre-IND meeting with the FDA, we know the pathway to bring psilocybin to the market to treat AUD.

For the next phase of development, we will conduct a definitive clinical trial to assess the efficacy of psilocybin in treating problematic drinking.

Conduct Research
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3. Join the Movement

This is a unique opportunity to support the approval of psilocybin as an FDA-approved medicine to provide an effective treatment to the millions of people suffering from AUD.

Partner with us today to bring psilocybin to market, and we will change the world tomorrow.

* Griffiths R., Johnson M., et al, Journal of Psychopharmacology. May 2019

Together, we can change lives.

Today, an effective and sustaining treatment for AUD does not exist. It is estimated 450,000 individuals could experience a relapse from a treatment plan and fall into their addiction once again. Addiction costs the USA $250 billion per year in loss of workplace activity, criminal justice expenses and damages, and healthcare expenses.

We believe psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy is the answer to AUD, other substance abuse, and addiction disorders. Current studies demonstrate the efficacy and long-lasting positive effects of Psilocybin, decreasing alcohol consumption by up to 86%.

(MEQ. Griffiths, et al., 2006)

Join the movement to bring psychedelic medicine to the market as an efficient way to treat alcoholism.

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